Two (2) Axis Precision Rotary Servo Table for Creep Grinding Application. 8 1/2" Inch Diameter Faceplate. Complete with Encoders and Special Integral machine Base.

Improved Calibrator Astro Tracker. Three (3) Axis North Star Position Simulator. Used for Calibration of Steller Navigation Hardware.

Two (2) Axis Test Stand with Environmental Chamber. Tests Standard Guidance Navigation Hardware. System Utilizes Standard Ultradex Precision Index Tables with IEEE 488 P.C. Based Control.

Ultra Precision Fourth and Fifth Axis Rotary Table. Used for Machining Applications. Accuracies to 0.2 Arc Sec. Band and Rotary Motion to 0.000010 T.I.R.

Four (4) Axis Target Simulator. Precision Linear Air Bearing 20" Inch Travel. 1.0 Arc Second Accuracy.

Three Axis Automatic Rate Table

Payload Capacity - Diameter: 9.50" • Height: 12.0" • Weight: 20 lbs.

Motion Range - Roll Axis: Unlimited rotation • Pitch Axi: +/- 95° • Heading Axis: +/- 95°

Rate Range - Roll Axis: 100°/sec to 10,8000°/sec • Pitch Axis: 1°/sec to 180°/sec • Heading Axis: 1°/sec to 180°/sec

Rate Resolution - Roll Axis: 0.001°/sec • Pitch Axis: 0.0005°/sec • Heading Axis: 0.0005°/sec

Acceleration - Roll Axis: 10,000°/sec/sec • Pitch Axis: 800°/sec/sec • Heading Axis: 150°/sec/sec

IEEE-488 Interface

Five (5) Axis Computer Controlled Special Co-ordinate Measuring Machine has Four (4) Prescision Air Bearing Slides and One (1) Air Bearing Rotary Table. Total System Accuracy 0.000050" Inch.

Special Large Gas Turbine Rotor Assembly Inspection Gage. Using a Standard Air Bearing Rotary table with Automatic Centering and Tilt Modes. Rotary Motion 0.0002 T.I.R. Position 2 Arc Seconds.