Capstan Servo Rotary Tables

ULTRARON® Ball Bearing Rotary Tables

Capstan Servo Rotary Tables are designed for use in Metrology, CMM. Inspection, and other precision applications. The Rotary Tables can be supplied with A. G. Davis stand-alone or rack-mounted controllers, or can be interfaced to your operational Rotary Axis Control.


Ultradex high accuracy rotary index tables

ULTRADEX® are very high accuracy rotary index tables typically used in metrology inspection and other test platforms. 360-, 720-, and 1440-position models are standard. For special applications, almost any number of indexes are available. Some typical applications for ULTRADEX® Rotary Index Tables include Calibration, Index Position and Metrology Inspection.


ULTRARON® Air Bearing Rotary Tables

The ULTRARON is a precision-engineered rotary table, produced entirely at A.G. Davis - AA Gage, with applications for inspection, tool room and/or production machining. The ULTRARON's accuracy is made possible by the use of precision lapped balls and integral ground races. The ULTRARON has a standard concentricity accuracy of 30 millionths T.I.R. (0.000030) and a wobble or rotating parallelism is held within 100 millionths (0.0001) on sizes to 24" in diameter.


Broaching, Milling and Grinding

The A.G. Davis - AA Gage Precision Broach Rotary Tables are high precision rotary systems manufactured for precision broaching applications. The Broach Rotary Tables can be supplied with stand-alone or rack-mounted controller, or can be interfaced to your operational Rotary Axis Control.

Custom Rotary Tables

Multiple Axis System

A. G. Davis - AA Gage controls. Large faceplate diameters available. Servo or standard motor drives, digital readout.

Standard faceplate diameters from 12" to 48", special styles and controls available.

Rotary Calibrator

Air Float Bearing

The ultimate in angular science. Laser friendly. The ideal unit for calibration or inspection. Accuracies of 0.2 Arc Second Band. Manual operation, remote coupling lock and unlock. Hirth, double coupling design. Non-lifting face plate. Computer interface available.